Container and Pallet Pooling Solutions

FLEXOL rents variety of RFID tagged Foldable Metal & Plastic Containers for Transportation & Storage with suitable Internal Dunnage. FLEXOL delivers these items at Customer Defined Sources (POO = Supplier, Hub, Warehouse) & collects at Customer Defined Destinations (POU = OEM, Hub, Warehouse) across India.

Contract Packaging Solutions

Design, Supply of Packing Material & Manpower, Technology

Customers' Packing Asset Management

FLEXOL manages Customer’s packing assets like Containers, Stillages & Pallets with PAN India Collection & Delivery capability. Customer Items are tagged, picked, packed, shipped and tracked on real time basis with add-on capability to service(Repair, Clean, Calibrate & Retrofit) for Asset Upkeep

FLEXOL Packaging (India) Limited - Joint Venture of TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited

We Deliver Smart Packaging Solutions for Supply Chain Efficacy, Enabling Fast, Safe and Secure Movement of Customer Items from Point of Origin (POO) to Point of Use (POU) across India. FLEXOL IT Solution uses Bar Code/QR Code, RFID/RTLS and GPS Technologies for Real Time Visibility and Shrinkage Minimisation